Book Review Policy & Query Guidelines

Juliette Writes is currently accepting ARCs, galleys and books/e-books for review from publicists, authors, agents and publishers!

*Please Note: proposals for reviews are now being accepted for the first half of 2021. The submission window will close and will be updated here as the schedule fills up!

Who Am I?


I’m a writer, poet and editor with a passion for reading. Books have been a life-long companion for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way! My reading history runs the gamut from the classical canon to contemporary works. If I created a ‘playlist’ from my bookshelves, you’d see an eclectic mix that refuses to fit neatly into any one category.

saboteur award best reviewer of literature
Image Created by Phil Olsen

I was recently shortlisted for the Saboteur Awards 2020 in the category of Best Reviewer of Literature. It is an absolute honour to be included on this list and I appreciate all of the support from the writing and reading community in making these reviews possible.

You can peruse my reading lists at Goodreads , as well as read some reviews I have published on that platform. For a more detailed biography, feel free to view my ‘About Me’  page on this website.

I’m the poetry editor at Mookychick  and also write book reviews for that site. Reviews posted on this blog will NOT be published at the magazine. Mookychick has a particular ethos and community and if you feel your book fits in that category, you may want to consider looking at the Mookychick Book Review Submission Guidelines .

What Am I Looking For?

As my reading shelves suggest, I’m open to most genre and literary fiction. I also enjoy reading poetry and non-fiction. If you’ve got poetry or fiction with a historical premise, those are some of my favourite books to read, so feel free to submit them for consideration!

The following are books that I will not consider for this blog:

-Science Fiction
-Children’s Books

Review Policy

All potential books for review should be submitted via the query guidelines listed below. You can expect to hear back regarding your query within 2-4 weeks. Queries that do not follow the submission guidelines will not be read.

I welcome queries from traditionally published and indie authors. It matters very little to me which path you choose to take on your publication journey, I’m more interested in what you’re putting out there for readers! Publishing choices are ever-expanding and I have a great love for the indie writing community, so don’t be shy to query!

If your book is accepted for review, I will require you to provide a copy in order to review it. These can certainly be ARC or galley copies. I am also accepting e-books, provided they are in a .PDF format or in e-reader format suitable for reading on my Kindle.

Please Note: Not all accepted books will be reviewed.

I believe in writing about how books affect me and how I connect to them. Sometimes they just provide me with an incredible joy and escape. Sometimes, they cause me to reflect on deeper issues in my life. I share all of these perspectives in my reviews and enjoy recommending books to readers. Even positive reviews may include some criticism and authors should be prepared for that.

I carefully choose the books that I review, but that does not always mean that my reading will be favourable. Sometimes, I just can’t connect with a book. If this is the case and I cannot finish the book, I will not review it and I will let you know. My philosophy is that I want readers to come to this blog and take away book recommendations. I am not here to tear down the work of other authors. I’m not willing to spend my energy manifesting negativity. We have enough of that already in the world.

All reviews published on the blog will be promoted via my Twitter account and published in full on Goodreads after appearing on Juliette Writes. My reviews can be quoted but must be attributed to “Juliette Writes”. Please feel free to tag me on social media if you should choose to do this, I will be happy to pass it along and share with even more people!

Additionally, if you’re a publicist or an author looking for reviews for a Blog Tour, I am available for those. I simply require that I have the book 4 weeks prior to the scheduled blog post, in order to write a proper review and have it ready in time for the tour.

Query Guidelines

So you have a book you’d like reviewed? Great! Please follow the guidelines below and you’ll hear back from me in 2-4 weeks:

-Subject line should be formatted: BOOK REVIEW SUBMISSION//Book Title//Author Name

-A cover letter in the body of the email introducing yourself with a short synopsis of your book. Please include publisher information and if it has not been released, include the upcoming release date.

-A third person bio (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and personal website links welcome), 50 word maximum.

-Send 3-4 poems or the first chapter in a separate .doc or .docx attachment — Please Do NOT send the entire manuscript at this time.

Send all book review queries to:

**Please follow all guidelines, any queries that do not follow these guidelines will be deleted.**

If you have any questions about the guidelines or review policy, please feel free to reach out via my contact form on this website or through email. I look forward to reading your queries!