June 2019
A Hex On All Your Houses (poetry) – Burning House Press

May 2019
A Land Girl Liaison (poetry) – Twist in Time magazine
Land army camouflage (poetry) – Twist in Time magazine

March 2019
Orbital Abduction (poetry) – Mansion (anthology- Dancing Girl Press)
Painting My World (art/CNF) – Marias at Sampaguitas
Shrink Me & Beautiful Things & Wildnerness Rose & Pocketed (poetry) – Marias at Sampaguitas

February 2019
Revolution (poetry) – Royal Rose Magazine
Room (poetry) – Royal Rose Magazine
I’m supposed to love you (poetry) – Kissing Dynamite

January 2019
He Tried To Drown The Ocean, I Waved (review) – Mookychick
The Baptism (poetry) – Burning House Press
Grandmother’s Cuppa (poetry) – Mookychick
Book Review: Flowers of the Flesh (review) – Mookychick
Left Behind on the A55 (poetry) – Fly on the Wall

Mother, May I? (poetry) – What Keeps us Here: Songs from The Other Side of Trauma (anthology- Anti-Heroin Chic)

December 2018
Rohypnol Rubies & Technicolor Dream & Judy, Too (poetry) – Rabid Oak
Winter Joy (poetry) – Bonnie’s Crew
Chapbook Review: Wild (review) – Mookychick
Cookie Cutter (poetry) – Anti Heroin Chic
Stolen Kisses (poetry) – You Are Not Your Rape (Anthology, Rhythm and Bones Lit)
Dupioni Darkling (poetry) – You Are Not Your Rape (Anthology, Rhythm and Bones Lit)
Beneath the Rubble (poetry) – The Hellebore

November 2018
Mother, May I? & Shoe Box Grave (poetry) – Anti Heroin Chic
An Unexpected Education (CNF/Memoir) – Memoir Mixtapes Vol 7

October 2018
Just Another Girl (Flash Essay) – Collective Unrest
S(mocked) (poetry) – Burning House Press
Painted Legs (poetry) – Burning House Press
Chapbook Review: Basement Gemini (review) – MookyChick
Chapbook Review: dispatches from the mushroom kingdom (review) – Mookychick
Hush Now (poetry) – Moonchild Magazine
Post Script (poetry) – PS I Love You
I am not okay (poetry) – Mookychick
My Hem & Silhouette Shame (poetry) – MookyChick

September 2018
Land Girl Liaison (poetry) – Cauldron Anthology – Issue #6
Best Friends Don’t Tell (poetry) – Cauldron Anthology- Issue #6
A Prayer for A Saintly Sinner (poetry) – Horny Poetry Review

August 2018
My Coltrane Cadenza (poetry) – Lit Up
Death Library: The Exquisite Corpse Collection (poetry chapbook) – Moonchild Magazine
Sea Nymph (poetry) – PS I Love You
Cut Flowers (poetry) – Rose Quartz Journal

July 2018
Self(less) Love & Circe’s Mirror (poetry) – Burning House Press

Best Friends Don’t Tell (poetry) – PS I Love You
I Am More (poetry) – PS I Love You

April 2018
Full Fathom Five (poetry) – Horny Poetry Review
Her Collection (poetry) – Lit Up
The Lioness Wakes (memoir) – Memoir Mixtapes
An Awkward Poet (poetry) – Poetry in Form

March 2018
A Land Girl Liaison (poetry) – Poetry in Form
When I Was Belinda (memoir) – PS I Love You

February 2018
Heart Speech (poetry) – Lit Up
Give the Cat a Name (memoir) – Lit Up
The Night I Found Love in Times Square (memoir) – Memoir Mixtapes
A Trunk Full of Secrets (memoir) – PS I Love You
First Dance (poetry) – The Junction

January 2018
Mother of The Year (fiction) – Lit Up
Red Glass Desire (memoir) – Lit Up
His Modest Proposal (memoir) – PS I Love You