Welcome to 2019

There’s so much to say about last year. This website was a culmination of my writing efforts for the year, as well as the support I have received from friends and loved ones. I was fortunate enough to find a writing community that welcomed me with open arms. Month after month, I found myself learning more about how to approach publishers, where to read and how to make my voice stand out. I’m grateful for all of the help I’ve received and the real friendships that have been forged.

All of the work put into 2018 has laid the groundwork for an upcoming year that I can hardly believe. I’ve got two books coming out and a smattering of publications to begin the New Year. This won’t be a year for holding back.

I faced one of my biggest fears in December: reading my poetry at a book launch. Within moments of holding my first printed words in my hands I was standing in front of a group of writers and supporters in a bookshop, projecting my poetry via voice out into the universe. It was terrifying, humbling and empowering.

I will always be honored to be part of You Are Not Your Rape, an anthology of survivors that has raised funds to help those surviving sexual assault. I’m thankful that I said ‘yes’ when asked to come and read, even though saying ‘no’ would have felt better at the time.

I am tired of being afraid to use my voice.

On that note, I have two more scheduled readings in January. You can check these out on the events page. I’d love to meet other writers and readers, so if you’re in Brooklyn or Philadelphia please stop by and say hello! I’m happy to sign books. You’ll just have to be a little patient with me. I’m an introvert that doesn’t appear like one in public. I’m not used to having ‘fans’ or ‘readers’. It’s all still a bit surreal for me.

As a young writer, I had many dreams of publication. I wanted to believe that when people told me I needed to do something ‘practical’ that they were wrong. I ended up going the practical route for many years. I did the things I had to do to pay the bills and raise a family. One decision beget another and then another. It still led me here, back to writing, back to dreams of publication. Those dreams are being realized in a big way for me. I published my first book last year, Death Library: The Exquisite Corpse Collection, with the support of a wonderful publisher Nadia Gerassimenko (aka The Moon Mother) over at Moonchild Magazine. At 43 years old, I realized a dream that I’d had since I was a child.

Welcome to 2019, make it yours!