Welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

I’ll be the first to admit when I’m new to something and having a site for my writing is definitely new. Here you’ll find intermittent blog posts about anything and everything related to my writing, travels and life. I’ll also be posting upcoming events such as readings and book signings. Head over to the Publications section to find out what’s available to read and/or for purchase. Current Projects will lead you to a short synopsis of writings that I’m working on and information about forthcoming books.

I plan to share excerpts of current works in progress through the blog. But, I’ll be honest. I can’t promise you any regularly scheduled programming— yet. My life is evolving and changing, but the one constant is writing. Sometimes that’s poetry and sometimes it’s creative non fiction or prose. Lately, my themes have been about working through trauma and the resilience of the human spirit, especially as it relates
to the role of women in society.

I have two chapbooks coming out next year,

  • Mother May, I? (Animal Heart Press, May 2019)
  • Anatomy of a Dress (The Hedgehog Poetry Press, November 2019)

It’s going to be a busy year and I’m thrilled that you want to share it with me! Stay tuned as things develop.

Thank you for reading.