Confess: The Untold Story of Dorothy Good


Forthcoming in October 2020 by TwistiT Press

Confess: The Untold Story of Dorothy Good

Based on A True Story

1692 Salem, Massachusetts- Dorothy and Sarah Good are arrested for witchcraft. Dorothy is four years old. Sarah is her mother. Over the course of the year, more than two hundred people are accused of witchcraft and thirty are found guilty. Nineteen will be sentenced to death.

Dorothy will confess.

Sarah will hang.

This is Dorothy’s story…

Catch a sneak peek of the collection by reading “A Hex On All Your Houses” published by Burning House Press. You can also find a piece of the collection, “Criminalis Carolina” published in Nightingale & Sparrow’s Issue #3 “Heat”, available for purchase on Amazon

Even A Queen

Poetry in remembrance of Mary, Queen of Scots


1542, Scotland- A child is born that will change the course of history. At six days old her father dies and she becomes a Queen. Mary, Queen of Scots will be crowned before she is a year old. She will be sent from home and betrothed by the time she is six. She will be the darling of the French court and a widow by the time she is eighteen.

She will return to her homeland to rule, unable to imagine the chaos that will ensue. She will give birth to a future king that will unite Scotland and England under one crown. She will spend 19 years of her life imprisoned in England before she is tried and executed by her own cousin.

But, Mary’s trial in the court of history continues. Because no one, especially a woman, can escape judgment and scrutiny. Not…

Even A Queen.

Little Ordinary Things

Little Ordinary Things

Little Ordinary Things a poetry collection. This collection was inspired by my experiences coming out of an abusive relationship. It delves into the little ordinary moments that made me realize just how toxic my situation was and ultimately led me to seek a new life.